About Me


Hello, my name is Joy Ang and I’m currently a freelance artist living in Edmonton. Lately I’ve been illustrating children’s books and working as a character designer on Adventure Time.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, and graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Design in 2007. I got my start making art professionally with Udon Comics and got into the gaming industry with BioWare. In 2009, along with my pals Nick Thornborrow & Sam Bradley, I helped create and publish 2 volumes of The Anthology Project; a collection of short comics by various talented artists.


Animation Studios
- Cartoon Network
- Nickelodeon
- DHX Media

- Boom Comics
- Marvel
- Scholastic
- Random House
- Tor Publishing
- Houghton Mifflin
- Bloomsbury
- Udon Comics

- Alberta Views
- Kayak

Game Studios
- Blizzard
- BioWare
- Spicy Horse
- Watercooler
- Dancing Anchovy
- Nokia

Books & Magazines

Spectrum Vol. 14   •  Spectrum Vol. 18
The Anthology Project Vol. 1   •  ImagineFX issue 60
The Anthology Project Vol. 2   •  Popgun Vol. 2


For a more in-depth look at my past work experience, you can head over here: Linked In 

If you’re interested in working with me on any children’s books, please contact Kelly Sonnack:  |  858.414.3198

You can directly contact me for all other inquiries: email  | 780.965.4334

Other places you can find me: Pipio Blog | Tumblr | DeviantART | Twitter | Tapastic